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Franchise Beacon assisted in the launch of Amada’s franchise business in 2012, helped them secure their first several franchises, trained their in-house franchise development team, and still provide consulting on an as-needed basis.We are proud to have been part of the launch of such a strong brand, as since the franchise inception,  Amada has leveraged this strong starting position, as well as their deep senior care industry knowledge, to grow into one of the top brands in the senior care industry. They have over 100 locations open, an Item 19 disclosure that surpasses their competition by leaps and bounds, and franchisee satisfaction that is unheard of in the industry.


Amada's Franchisee Satisfaction Report from Franchise Business Reveiw

Amada’s Franchisee Satisfaction Report from Franchise Business Review


The time is now. The demand for services in the senior care industry continues to increase every year presenting an unparalleled business opportunity for entrepreneurs. More than 10,000 people turn 65 every day and by the end of 2012, the senior population in America will reach nearly 49 million. By 2025, it will grow to a staggering 72 million. (Source: The Department of Health and Human Services and the State Department)

Amada is seeking strategic relationships with franchisees that will  run large territories in key US markets. We invite you to learn more about an explosive industry, and what it takes to become an Amada franchise partner. Reach out today and we’ll have an initial call and put you in touch with their team!

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