Building Kidz Child Care Franchise Opportunity

Building Kidz child care franchise

Building Kidz Schools is a child care franchise which provides the best preschool, daycare, kindergarten, nursery, academic and childcare facilities in California. Our staff is well trained in the field of early child education. We currently have locations in Morgan Hill, Pacifica, San Mateo, South San Francisco and Mountain View, Scotts Valley and Concord, and are quickly expanding throughout the United States.



Building Kidz differentiators

For the children:

  • Academically excellent school
  • Performing arts-based curriculum
  • Literacy development from infancy
  • Foreign Language study
  • Focused on 6 key areas:
    • Academic
    • Emotional
    • Social
    • Cognitive
    • Physical
    • Communication

For the Franchisee:

  • Unapparelled Curriculum
  • Full ECE business training
  • Strong earnings supported by Item 19
  • Collaborative culture: support every step of the way
  • Unique ability to impact community
  • Help children throughout the world just by being a franchisee
  • Lowest investment/highest margins in the industry


Why Building Kidz child care franchise

Academics & Performing Arts

Our unique and proven curriculum infuses exceptional academic elements with a specialization in Performing Arts within a world-class environment. Our staff will identify your child’s talents and learning preferences and customize a curriculum that will expose your child to activities that have been proven to accelerate cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and language development.

Math & Science

Preschoolers are naturally interested in math and science as it exists in the world around them. They learn best by engaging in dynamic, hands on games and projects. At Building Kidz, we have woven math and science into language arts, music, art, and physical activity. Our teachers are aware of the importance of early mathematical and scientific knowledge for long-term educational success.

Literacy & Language

We initiate the educational process in literacy development with infants by teaching them verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
Our pre-kindergarteners and kindergartners develop strong reading and writing skills in a structured, engaging, and playful environment.
Our children are exposed to multiple languages daily through the diversity of their peers and our staff. Within our curriculum, we offer a bilingual program focused on the Spanish language.

Art, music, dance & theater

For young children, creating art is a sensory exploration activity. Through artistic exploration, children build a knowledge of the objects in the world around them.
Our music program follows a wide spectrum from percussion to vocal training. Through dance, children learn discipline and focus while stimulating their storage and recall capabilities.
Our older children are taken on a magical journey in every theater class as they learn basic character development and stage awareness

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