Change Your Life With Liquid Capital

The only factoring franchise in the world

Liquid Capital LogoLiquid Capital is a factoring franchise which offers exciting franchise opportunities that provide owners with earning potential and a growing business opportunity in the  financial services industry. Their core business is helping small and medium businesses grow by providing them with access to capital.

Liquid Capital franchisees operate in the factoring space; in fact, Liquid Capital is the only full-factoring franchise in the world. Factoring is the purchasing of corporate accounts receivable at a discounted rate.
Liquid Capital is such an exciting opportunity because franchisees are able to make money not only on their own invested capital, but also on the franchisor’s capital at six times the franchisees funds. This provides for up to a 100% per year ROI*.
To learn more about this exciting factoring franchise, and how you can get involved, contact us today!

* ROI information from Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. For full information, please review the Franchise Disclosure Document in its entirety.
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