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Amada Senior Care to Appear at West Coast Franchise Expo

October 19, 2013: The largest franchise event on the West Coast is heading back to Anaheim for the 2nd consecutive year as the West Coast Franchise Expo gears up for its show beginning on Thursday, October 24th and running through Saturday the 26th. Laguna Woods based franchise Amada Senior Care, having now grown to 15 franchise partners in 11 different states, will be one of a handful of senior care companies represented on the show floor. This marks the WCFE’s 10th year as an exposition, and Amada Senior Care’s 2nd year at the show. Read more here.


Two Amada Caregivers Among Senior Care Hero Awards Finalists

Stephen Njoroge and Epifania Martinez Top Tier Finalists for “Compassionate Caregivers” Category

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2013

The Senior Care Hero Awards’ 3rd annual conference will be taking place this year on October 19th at the City National Grove of Anaheim, California. The Orange County organization, created to recognize and honor those who have played an integral part in providing the highest level of senior care to the Orange County community, has chosen two of Amada Senior Care’s caregivers as finalists for the Compassionate Caregiver category of home care.

The finalists, Stephen Njoroge and Epifania Martinez, were chosen due to outstanding reports received by individuals they have provided care for, by various individuals in senior care, and by the Council of Advisors and the Academy of Leaders with Senior Care Hero Awards organization. They are two of 130 people nominated across such categories as compassionate caregiver, outstanding physician, outstanding nurse, outstanding social worker, and outstanding administrator, among others. Read more here.

Amada Forms Strategic Partnership with Lifescript to Develop Physician Network and Tackle Readmissions

Orange County, California (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

In 2010, the Obama administration was able to pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which penalizes hospitals for higher-than-expected readmission rates as part of its overhaul of the United States’ healthcare system. Though this was done in an effort to force improvements in hospital quality (readmission is certainly not a desirable thing), many argue that the new government initiatives seek to mandate and penalize without providing viable solutions. Michael Demoratz, PhD and Certified Case Manager, says in-home senior care and assisted living placement services may very well help solve this issue.

“A lot of times, elderly patients end up back in the hospital or emergency room simply because they don’t know what to do, or because they have nowhere else to go,” said Demoratz. He explained the typical scenario where a patient is discharged in the afternoon and gets home a few minutes after 5 p.m. “If that patient has an issue or concern for the doctor and his office is closed when they call, they may dial 911 – or end up back in the hospital some other way when they don’t necessarily need to be. This has become a serious problem.”

The Silver Tsunami – a phrase meant to describe the rising senior population caused by the aging of the Baby Boomer generation – is also largely responsible for this epidemic. Given that there are more seniors in the US now than there have ever been (and that the population is expected to more than double over the next forty years), this readmission problem is certainly not something that will just go away. Read more here

Orange County Senior Care Franchise Moves South to Northern San Diego

The aging of the Baby Boomer generation has created one of the fastest growing industries in the country – the senior care market. Amada Senior Care, one of the premier senior service companies in Orange County, announces the grand opening of its newest location in northern San Diego. This new franchise partnership with Fred and Janice Ehlers is the latest step in Amada’s nationwide growth strategy.

For Fred and Janice, who live locally and have two daughters, senior care provides a business opportunity that they feel will have a positive impact on their community. Fred brings an in-depth understanding of sales and marketing to the industry, given that he formerly served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mazda. Janice’s experience in teaching elementary school children has also proven quite valuable.

“I know what it’s like to have individuals in my care,” she said, “and how very important it is to communicate with those that have entrusted you with a loved one.”

When asked about their overall approach to senior care and about what differentiates them, Fred said that there were two major things. “Most senior care companies only do in-home care. We specialize in that and in helping seniors find the best arrangement for their particular situation – even if that includes placing them in an assisted living home or skilled nursing community. We’re really senior care advocates, and will do what’s best for each client’s unique situation.” Read more here.

Amada Senior Care Continues Expansion Into Roseville, California

With 49 million American senior citizens, demand for quality care increases.

As Baby Boomers continue to age and move towards retirement, they are creating what has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country – the senior care market. Amada Senior Care, one of the premier senior care service companies in Orange County, announces the opening of its newest location in the Roseville area. Their new franchise partnership with Dane Gibson is the latest step in Amada’s nationwide growth strategy.

Dane brings an in-depth understanding of sales and healthcare to the franchise, given his prior experience with Pfizer pharmaceuticals. “From the time I spent in the medical community, I saw a clear need for quality senior care services,” said Dane. “With my experience helping physicians navigate the intricacies of insurance for their own patients, I realized there was also a need to help seniors understand what options they have.” According to Dane, this is when he decided to look for opportunities to help seniors explore care options.

“I pride myself in being able to educate seniors in the wide variety of choices they have for care. From in-home caregivers to assisted living communities – there are so many options out there, and one of the great things about Amada is that we help them discover and explore those options,” he said.

According to Amada founder and CEO Tafa Jefferson, Dane is one of many joining the senior care space – and is also one of many transitioning from pharmaceutical sales to senior care. “We’ve had quite a few people move from the pharmaceutical or medical device sales space into senior care,” said Tafa, “and we couldn’t be happier about that. Their background makes them an excellent fit for this industry.” Tafa said that Dane is Amada’s sixth franchise partner, and that as of today, they’ve signed eleven franchise partners in eight different states. “Given our current momentum, we expect to see that number more than double in the next year.”

When asked why he chose Amada, Dane said his research showed the company had a great reputation and ability to provide a broad range of offerings tailored to every situation. “I’m excited that I’m in a position to provide much needed support and guidance to other seniors and their families; and to be part of a growing, nationally recognized brand,” he said.

Amada Senior Care is committed to enriching lives by providing nurturing, compassionate non-medical in-home care and by guiding families through the many senior housing options available for assisted living and care homes. Healthcare professionals and families look to Amada to help them navigate the complexities of the senior care system.

Amada Owner Featured on KSBN Money Talk 1230

Local Radio Talk Show Host Endorses Amada Senior Care Owner Robert Christensen

KSBN Spokane, also known as Money Talk 1230, recently featured Amada business owner Robert Christensen as a special guest on Dave Baker’s “Property Management and Financial Planning” show. Robert met the show’s host through Dave’s sister, who lives on the western side of Washington near Tacoma, where Robert’s business is located. On the show’s June 4th episode, Dave explained that his sister’s neighbor had fallen victim to two strokes in recent years, and found himself in a situation where he became dependent on her and others for daily care. Fortunately, the neighbor had a long term care insurance policy to assist with the funding of professional care, but because of his condition and lack of familiarity with the intricacies of insurance; he found redeeming this policy to be a difficult undertaking. That’s where Robert came in.

Robert helped Dave’s family friend navigate the complexities of his policy so that he could negotiate a claim with the insurance company in a way that was best suited for his unique situation. Dave’s sister was so happy with the results that she put Robert in contact with Dave so he could let other people know about Amada’s services. Dave said the level of assistance and quality of information Robert provided to his sister’s friend proved invaluable, and was unlike any he’d ever seen. “I’ve been in the business 40 years and I’ve serviced a lot of long term care claims – but I’ve never run across an organization like Amada. [They] certainly served my family at a very critical time,” he noted on the show.

Robert’s business not only advises seniors who need care, they also provide that care when necessary or assist seniors in locating a suitable venue for assisted living. “We’re here to be advocates for seniors,” Robert said of Amada. “Though we specialize in helping seniors, we have a particularly strong understanding of all aspects of long term care insurance. Most seniors that have bought this sort of thing bought it 15 years before they needed it, it sat on their shelf for 15 to 20 years, and they have no idea what’s in it. We like to sit down with the family members or with the senior if they’re able to, and go through their policy so they understand all avenues of it and so that they can properly claim it to get the full, maximum benefit. An 80 year old who has dementia, or who has fallen and broken a hip and who is trying to navigate through a legal document on his own – that can be very difficult.”

Robert and Dave also discussed the hospital readmissions epidemic , and how in regard to senior care – it’s not a question of “if” people will need care, but of “when”. “People take three positions in regard to their own care as they age,” Robert said. “The first is to have no plan and expect the government to take care of them. The second one I commonly see is people that plan to pay for their care from their savings or retirement. The third is via a long term care insurance policy.” Both Dave and Robert are advocates of long term care insurance, and stated on the show that they see it as a crucial part of financial planning.

California Based Senior Care Company Hits 10 Franchisees

Amada Senior Care in Laguna Woods, California expands across 7 states.

After 14 years in the senior care industry, Laguna Woods based company Amada Senior Care began franchising its model back in March of 2012. Now, just over a year later, the business formed by former Chicago Bears offensive tackle Tafa Jefferson has over 10 franchisees throughout the United States. Amada franchisees have offices in California, Oregon, Washington state, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Kansas – and are expected to reach 20 in number by the end of this year.

Amada’s very first franchisee, Robert Christensen, started his business in the Tacoma, Washington area early last year. He was drawn to Amada because of their unique business model – not only do they focus on in-home caregiving, they also assist seniors with the process of finding the right skilled nursing facility if this is the best option. “We’re here to be advocates for seniors,” Robert said. “Sometimes an in-home caregiver might not be what’s best, and that’s when we help look into what skilled nursing facility is really the most suitable for that senior’s needs. Every situation is different.” Robert’s business quickly became successful and he has since partnered with other Amada franchisees to help fund their endeavors.

After Robert, a Colorado Springs native, Ken Jensen, joined Amada’s ranks. Then Asa Shuey, a former medical device sales territory manager, opened an Amada business in Wichita, Kansas. It wasn’t long before a branch was opened in Portland – then in Los Angeles, Roseville, and Northern San Diego, California. The most recent franchises have been in Houston, Las Vegas and Vancouver, Washington.

“We’ve gotten a lot of franchise partners from the pharmaceutical sales and medical device sales space,” said Chad Fotheringham, Amada’s president, who himself came from the pharmaceutical sales industry. “These people seem to really understand territory management, sales and our relationship-based business model.”

Amada CEO, Tafa Jefferson, recently made OC Metro magazine’s “40 Under 40” list – a compilation of the publication’s top 40 CEOs in Orange County under 40 years of age. “We’re thrilled about Amada’s continued growth,” Tafa said. “And expect to easily exceed our original goal of 20 franchisees by the end of 2013.”

Though exciting, Tafa noted the franchise’s accelerated growth wasn’t surprising. “The senior population is rising rapidly, and senior care was listed in several publications as the best business to start this year. When you have a great model in a great industry, growth is inevitable.”

Amada CEO Receives Coveted Award from OC Metro Magazine

Tafa Jefferson, CEO of Amada Senior Care, Makes OC Metro’s “40 Under 40” List

Tafa Jefferson, CEO of Orange County based company Amada Senior Care, was recently chosen to receive OC Metro’s “40 Under 40” designation – an award reserved for the publication’s selection of top CEOs in Orange County under 40 years of age. OC Metro is a monthly publication of the Orange County Register, Orange County’s most widely-circulated newspaper.

Jefferson, a former offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears, began building a senior care business shortly after an injury cut his football career short in 1997. At the start of his business he became a Certified Nursing Aide and began taking care of patients in varying stages of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. According to Tafa, various experiences at this time made him realize that the future of senior care would be in non-medical care and in helping seniors find skilled nursing facilities that fit their unique situations.

In the early 2000’s Tafa noticed an interesting trend. “Most of our competition was focusing on medical or state government funded services,” he said. “I saw signs that government paid services would decline with the graying of America and decided our focus should be on the private pay market.” According to Tafa, this decision is one that paid off over the years; as many of Amada’s competitors have struggled due to cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.

In 2007 Tafa partnered with an old college friend and football teammate, Chad Fotheringham, who he made president of his company. Shortly thereafter, they branded the business “Amada Senior Care” and it quickly became the largest and most successful senior care company in Orange County.

Because of his success, Tafa decided to franchise his business model and partnered with veteran franchisors out of San Clemente, California to do so. The franchisors had extensive experience building successful international franchises, including Play N’ Trade (a video game retail store similar to GameStop) and others. Amada now has 10 franchisees in seven different states; including California, Oregon, Washington state, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Kansas – and is expecting to have over 20 by the end of 2013.

Tafa says he is honored to receive the award, and said Amada will continue to uphold its reputation for senior advocacy as it continues its expansion.

Corporate Executive Leaves Apple to Help Seniors

Redondo Beach resident launches new business venture to serve South Bay’s elderly.

Andre Pegus of Redondo Beach recently partnered with a growing franchise to begin serving seniors in the South Bay area. After 7 years with Apple, the sales executive-turned-entrepreneur decided to focus on caring for a group of individuals who are often in need, and who he says have played an integral part in the formation of America’s communities. Andre is one of 7 franchisees who have joined the ranks of Amada – a California based franchise founded by former Chicago Bears offensive tackle Tafa Jefferson, and is part of a growing number of individuals who are forming careers in senior care.

Andre’s stint with Apple culminated in an assignment involving one of the nation’s largest business-to-business computer resellers, and his management of this relationship caused the client to name Apple “Vendor of the Year.” Still, he felt a growing sense that it was time for a change.

Andre explained that it was actually a quote from the late Steve Jobs that made him decide to take action in reinventing his career. In a 2005 commencement address at Stanford, Jobs said he would frequently ask himself, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today? And whenever the answer has been ‘no’ for too many days in a row,” Jobs said, “I know I need to change something.”

According to Andre, “no” was his answer to this question time and again – and he began to feel a desire for more career independence as well as a longing to help individuals that he feels are often overlooked by the rest of society. “I started looking into senior care,” Andre recounted, “and it just felt right.” Andre then decided to partner with Amada to launch his new business. He said the reason he chose Amada was because of what his research uncovered about the company’s reputation. “Everyone I spoke to in the Orange County area was aware of Amada, and had nothing but positive feedback. Clients were happy [and] referral sources were happy.”

Amada CEO Tafa Jefferson says he is beyond pleased to have Andre on board. “Andre is our fifth franchise partner, and we’re delighted to have him. We’re confident he’ll continue to maintain Amada’s reputation in LA’s beach cities and the surrounding areas.”

Andre said that after doing research, he felt senior care would be a fulfilling career for a number of reasons. “I want to be a resource for seniors and aging veterans,” Andre said. “Providing jobs for the people who will provide these individuals with care is hugely important to me as well. I also want seniors to know that when it comes to getting home care or choosing assisted living communities, they have viable options that can help them maintain independence; and a number of financial options.”

Andre, his wife Cyndi, and his 16-year-old daughter Iman live in Redondo Beach. Their business, located in Torrance, will serve this area and the South Bay cities (Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach), Palos Verdes Peninsula, Long Beach, and Seal Beach.

Amada Senior Care Hits 100 Franchise Partners in 2018

May 02, 2018 – Amada Senior Care – an innovative senior care franchise system that is committed to enriching lives – is excited to announce its 100th franchised location, recently opened by father-and-son team Kevin and Logan Outerbridge in Bergen County, New Jersey.

“Reaching 100 partners is a big victory for Amada. It’s clear evidence of how far we’ve come and how hard we’ve worked over the years,” said Tafa Jefferson, Founder and CEO of Amada Senior Care. “We’re so honored to welcome Kevin and Logan to the team as our 100th franchise partners. This wouldn’t have been possible without driven, hardworking people like Kevin and Logan, and I feel more confident than ever that in the coming years, we’ll continue our growth trajectory by helping even more compassionate, qualified Amada business owners take our unique model to the places it’s needed most.”

Amada Senior Care was first founded in 2007 by Jefferson and Chad Fotheringham, and began franchising in 2012 with a focus on providing quality care, choice, innovation and professionalism within the home care industry. Over the course of five years, the franchise system has grown to more than 100 locations in the United States and is on-track to meet its goal of 200 brand partners by the end of 2020. Currently in 34 states, Amada Senior Care has been recognized by multiple industry publications as one of the best franchises to own nationwide. Amada Senior Care was ranked No. 4 in Entrepreneur’s Top New Franchises to Own in 2017 and has been recognized by Franchise Business Review as a Top 200 franchise overall, a Top Emerging Franchise in 2015, and a Top Senior Care Franchise in 2016. Read more here.