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Published on the Houston Chronicle website, chron.com

How to Make the Jump From a Single Operation Restaurant to a Franchise

Moving from operating a single restaurant to becoming a chain is challenging, as the owner is essentially starting a second business with new and unique demands. The focus moves from management to franchising.
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Documentation of a Franchise

Many small businesses have little or no documentation. What they do, when they do it, and who executes it is common knowledge within the business, but the procedures are not written down anywhere. When a business becomes a franchise, all that changes. Suddenly “business as usual” has to be documented thoroughly.
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Published at azcentral.com

What Are the Rules for a Franchiser?

Franchisers must follow the rules that are set in law and those that they themselves create. A franchiser is bound by federal franchise laws as well as a myriad of state franchise and business opportunity laws, which regulate how, when and where a franchiser can sell a franchise, and place restrictions on the franchise relationship.
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How Is the Decision Made for Which Franchise Gets Which Territory?

When dividing territories, franchisors have to balance the needs of all parties involved — the franchisor, franchisee and customer. When multiple franchisees are in a single area, the decision must be made as to which franchise gets which territory in a fair and equitable way.
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Published on ehow.com

How Do Franchises Divide Territories?

When dividing territories, franchisors have to balance the needs of the franchisee, franchisor, and customer.
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