Capitalizing on your facebook followingI you read my last blog post, you now know how to get 1000 people to like your Facebook page in a year! That is 1000 people who shop in your store, and now you can market to them for free. Now what? What does capitalizing on your facebook following mean, and how do you do it? We all know that good content is the key to social media engagement, but what IS good content?

Good Content

Good content is content that your Facebook fans read and share. If you can get your fans to consistently share your content, your fan base will grow exponentially.   Here are some keys to good content.

  • Use images, but mix it up. Images are key to posts, but don’t use them every time. Most of your posts should have images or links, but don’t be afraid of an occasional text-only update.
  • KISS (Keep it Simple, Sir). Posts with less than 80 characters have a 27% higher rate of engagement, yet people often think they need to write a novella for an effective post. Keep it short, simple, and fun. Which brings us to
  • Make them laugh (or cry or go WOW). People love to share humor. Something that is truly funny is most likely to get shared. Barring that, a touching story, or something that they find interesting and think their friends will, too, is more likely to get shared.
  • Engage. Ask your customer’s questions. Have them vote for your next in store promotion or new product line. Ask them what their favorite one of your products is, how old they were when they first started using your products, or other interesting and industry-relevant questions.
  • Tell them what to do. Do you want your customers to share your post? Ask them to! Do you want them to comment? Ask for comments! Do you want them to answer a question? Ask a question! Give simple, explicit instructions as to what you want them to do, and if they are interested in what you are posting about they will.
  • Give them value. Give a Facebook-only promotion.  “Mention this post and get $__ off of ___, (with an image of the product) today only”. “$ OFF” offers receive twice the engagement of “% OFF” offers.
  • Be consistent. Posting 1-4 times per week will recreate 71% more engagement with your brand. If they get used to seeing your content, and they like it, they will look for it!
  • Post at the right time. Thursdays are the best weekday to post, and Friday is almost as good. Weekends are better. “Bankers hours” are the least-favorable time to post because people are working, and are less likely to engage your posts, even if they read them. Vary your posting time (you can pre-schedule posts), but keep them in the “hot zone” of 6pm-midnight, with an occasional day-time weekend post.

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