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Understanding the blockchain in less than 10 minutes

Want to jump straight to the 5 minute explanation? Here you go.
What is Blockchain
As a franchise consultant and franchisor, blockchain may seem like something outside of our purview to write about. Blockchain is already everywhere, however. Over the next couple of years it will affect every part of our lives in at least some small way. Therefore, if you are a franchisor, franchisee, consultant, lender, or even just a business person, you need to at least know what Blockchain IS. I have good news; spend the next 10 minutes reading this article, and you will.

I recently sat on a panel at a franchising conference in Denver. It was as International Franchise Association Franchise Business Network event. is sponsored by Alexius Managed Legal Services, along with several other companies, sponsor the Denver event. It is always top-notch , and this year focused almost exclusively on technology in franchising.

My panel concentrated on current technologies in the franchise sales process. Current tech with actionable items of course drew a crowd and interest. Much of the conference, however, spotlighted bleeding-edge smart technologies or how to prepare for technology that isn’t here. These panels were as engaging and well attend, if not more so, than those focused on the here-and-now. For me, learning about how Alexius and other firms are already using AI and machine learning was fascinating stuff!

Naturally, in today’s technological environment, blockchain was, directly or indirectly, one of the predominant topics. The fact is, though, most people don’t have a clue what blockchain even is, and fewer still have a deep understanding of how it works.
How much do you really need to know?
Now the good news; you will likely never need to have a deep understanding of […]

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