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Capitalizing on Your Facebook Following

I you read my last blog post, you now know how to get 1000 people to like your Facebook page in a year! That is 1000 people who shop in your store, and now you can market to them for free. Now what? What does capitalizing on your facebook following mean, and how do you do it? We all know that good content is the key to social media engagement, but what IS good content?
Good Content
Good content is content that your Facebook fans read and share. If you can get your fans to consistently share your content, your fan base will grow exponentially.   Here are some keys to good content.

Use images, but mix it up. Images are key to posts, but don’t use them every time. Most of your posts should have images or links, but don’t be afraid of an occasional text-only update.
KISS (Keep it Simple, Sir). Posts with less than 80 characters have a 27% higher rate of engagement, yet people often think they need to write a novella for an effective post. Keep it short, simple, and fun. Which brings us to
Make them laugh (or cry or go WOW). People love to share humor. Something that is truly funny is most likely to get shared. Barring that, a touching story, or something that they find interesting and think their friends will, too, is more likely to get shared.
Engage. Ask your customer’s questions. Have them vote for your next in store promotion or new product line. Ask them what their favorite one of your products is, how old they were when they first started using your products, or other interesting and industry-relevant questions.
Tell them what to do. […]

Make your Store Holiday Ready!

This article was featured in Small Business Opportunities Magazine, August 12th, 2013. See the original article here.
This article is slightly different than our normal; it has nothing to do with how to franchise a business. Though franchising is our primary expertise, our team has skills in other places, and our franchisors are able use those skills as they franchise their business.


The holiday season is coming at us faster than Santa’s sleigh. If you are not preparing now for the holiday season, you are already behind the times. Stores last year started the selling season earlier, kept later hours and offered better deals. Did you? As hard as it is to believe, each year many consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween. This is even truer in difficult economies, as it allows families to spread the spending out over several months.  Not much in the way of advertising is done during this time, but you have to have merchandise on your shelves.

Maybe this is your first Holiday season, and you don’t know what to expect? Or maybe you are not happy with your store’s performance in Q4 of last year?  If so, use the suggestions in this article (and the rest of this guide) to boost sales and set some records this holiday season! Oh, and get your shopping done early, because you won’t have time for gift-buying this year!

Store Appearance Assessing your store’s appearance should be step one of your holiday plan. From the moment your customer sees your store from the street, it is talking to them.

Dirty, windows, too many posters or poorly designed assets, or a cluttered entrance tells your customer “this store is dirty and unprofessional” whereas a clean […]