Franchise Beacon Launches Its New “How to Franchise a Business” Video Series

Franchise Beacon has created a series of videos about how to franchise a business.

Franchise Beacon, the Orange County, CA based franchise development group, is excited to announce their new “How to Franchise a Business” educational video series. The educational series is being launched with three videos: “The History of Franchising”, “What is a Franchise” and “Managing Franchise Relationships”. Videos that will be coming soon include “How to Use Item 2 to Tell a Story” and “How Much Does it Really Cost”, and several franchisee-oriented videos including “Understanding the Item 6” and “The Right Due Diligence When Buying a Franchise”.

The first video gives us a 2 minute glance at where franchising came from, from the Middle Ages, through the 1960’s (often referred to as the “wild west” of franchising”), the second video helps us understand how a franchise is defined, legally, and how to determine if your offering is in fact a franchise, and the third video speaks to fledgling franchisors about how to manage franchise relationships. The first three videos can be seen at

“We want to help people considering franchising, and young franchisors, to understand the sometimes quite complex world that is franchising. The video series is the next evolution in our constant effort to provide valuable resources to both our clients and the franchise world at large,” said Franchise Beacon CEO Charles Franklin. “I was pleasantly surprised to see how much the Beacon staff learned while making these videos, as well. To teach, you truly have to be a student of your business, so this helps us stay immersed in the franchising space.”

Franchise Beacon has a unique offering as franchise developers, in that everyone involved in the company has been involved in the franchising space as a franchisee, a franchisor, or both. They represent many top brands in their sector. For more information, or to learn how to franchise a business, check out