If you are an existing or upcoming franchisor, being compliant with “the franchise rule” is the single most important part of your business. Ensuring that your salespeople follow the Federal Trade Commission’s rules and regulations for franchise sales, as well as state-specific legislation that governs the sales of franchises, will protect your brand from needless franchise litigation and additional costs.

Talking about how to franchise a businessWe offer a full franchise compliance training program. Our class answers the question “what is franchise compliance” by exploring:

  • The core elements of compliance
  • How compliance can work into your business strategy
  • The inherent risks in franchising, and what can be done to mitigate those risks
  • How to align your business and compliance goals
  • What federal laws besides The Franchise Rule affect your franchise?
  • What state laws do you need to be concerned about?
  • Are you subject to business opportunity laws?
  • Who is a franchise seller?
  • Who do you disclose? How do you handle multiple principles in a franchise corporation?
  • What is an “offer to sell”?


These subjects and many others are covered. We can offer a full live training, an online training, shorter “refresher courses”, and tie in other content such as Franchising 101, sales training, understanding your competitive landscape, and many others.