Who to outsource franchise development to

After you have made the decision to outsource, the next logical question is who to outsource franchise development to. If you haven’t already made that decision, check out our article Why outsource franchise development to decide if outsourcing is for you. To find the right company, here is what you should be looking for.


This is likely the most important consideration when outsourcing franchise development. Many outsource companies have little or no real world experience as franchisors, franchisees, or small business owners. We recommend finding a company where the leadership has experience in most of these areas, and preferably all three.

Franchisor Experience:

This lets them understand what it is like to be in your shoes. If they have made the decisions that you are faced with they can give you actual advice instead of “theory”.

Franchisee Experience:

If your franchise development team has someone on staff with franchisee experience, they know what it’s like from the other side of the isle. They can help guide you towards decisions that support both the needs of your system and the needs of your individual franchisees.

Small Business Owners:

Going into business for yourself, either independently or as a franchisee, is a major step in life, and has long-lasting consequences. As such, it can be scary! When your franchise development team has this experience, they can help guide your prospect through this decision-making process because they understand the unspoken fears.


Experience is nice, and necessary, but so are results. When you are selecting what company to outsource franchise development to, make sure they are a results-oriented company with a proven track record. That brings us to the next point:


Similar to results, the company’s reputation is equally important. Talk to all of the brands they represent, or have represented in the past. Ask questions like:

  • Where they responsive to your needs?
  • Did they offer counsel in all areas of your business, or just in sales?
  • Did they set reasonable expectation?
  • Were their fees reasonable?
  • Did they produce results?
  • Would you recommend this company?

Understanding your unique business

Not every brand is right for every outsourced franchised development company. Some companies prefer to take on small brands with reasonable growth potential. Others are only interested in “the next big thing” and won’t work with your brand unless they feel your brand has potential to be just that. Some companies specialize in just one field, such as medical or retail, and some cast a wider net. All of these are reasonable and acceptable practices, but a company should know what their niche is, and spend plenty of time exploring your brand BEFORE they offer to represent you. Of course, if you are still in the consideration stage, and you are wondering how to franchise a business, be sure to reach out to us to discuss!