Are you ready to connect with a Franchise Professional? You can schedule a call directly with our President. Grab a 15-minute slot or a 30 minute slot on his calendar to discuss any and all things franchising!

A Franchise Consultant Company that does more

There are nearly 7,000 franchisors in the country. Do you know how many of them make it to having a single unit sold? A small fraction. Those that make it to 10, 20, 0r 100 units sold is even a smaller amount.

We attribute that, at least in part, to the Franchise consulting business. When you approach a consultant you may be thinking you need to learn how to franchise a business. Becoming a franchisor, however, is just the start and often the easiest part. How you market, sell, and manage your franchise system is what determines your growth.

A Different way of doing business

That is why Franchise Beacon forges long term relationships with our clients. Our team of franchise professionals, whom you’ll meet soon, will work with you to get your documents done, get filed, and start marketing your franchise. We will help you devise a plan to recruit, train, and support world-class franchisees. Our diverse network of franchise professionals can truly help you every step of the way; if we don’t have someone on staff, we know someone that can get done whatever you need in the franchising world.


Franchise Beacon has helped bring 8 franchise concepts to market. We helped two of them become the #1 franchise in their space. We are still involved in all of the brands we have worked with. They are in all stages, from start-up to mature franchise.