Thinking about how to franchise a business

Why Franchise Your Business?

Less Capital Requirements

Fuel the growth of your business through the capital invested by each individual franchisee.

Add Additional Revenue Streams to Your Business:

  • Franchise Fees
  • Royalty Fees
  • Advertising and Marketing Fees
  • Sales of Company Branded Products
  • Sales of Supplies
  • Training Fees
  • Sales of Promotional Products

The Ability to Expand Rapidly

Opening multiple locations at the same time allows you to obtain a large footprint quickly while putting your company a step ahead of the competition.

Gain Quality Management in Additional Units and Maximize Unit Revenue

Having an owner running the business usually ensure that there will be a level of service and dedication that typically can’t be found in an employee. Franchisees have a vested interest in the success of their business and with their investment at risk, franchisees should be much more motivated than an employee.

Larger Advertising and Marketing Budget

Many franchisors institute a national advertising fund. This requires the franchisees to contribute a percentage of their gross sales to a fund used to increase advertising, name recognition, and the overall value of the business.


Opening units throughout the country will increase Brand awareness adding value to the company and its franchisees.