Why outsource franchise development

You may be wondering “why outsource franchise development”. The fact is that, just like any other skillset, franchising takes years to perfect. Chances are if you have spent years perfecting your business model, then you haven’t spent years perfecting ours; franchise development. There are several reasons why outsourcing franchise development makes sense.

Keep your eye on the ball

When learning a new skill, other skills may suffer. When starting a new business, other businesses may suffer. Franchising is a new skill and a new business, but it doesn’t have to make your other businesses suffer. Keep your eye on operational excellence and delivering the best possible value to your franchisees. Let your outsourced franchise development team bring them in.

Save personnel costs

A good franchise sales person will likely cost you close to $100K a year or more. A franchise executive may be ½ again as much, or even double. For a fraction of this cost, you can have access to a staff of executive-level franchise personnel. With the right outsourced franchise development team, you should receive not only franchise sales support, but also ongoing operational consulting.

Economies of scale

An outsourced franchise development company likely represents multiple franchisors. As such, they most likely have preferential buying and placement arrangements with leading franchise portals, publications, and shows.

Who do you chose?

So now you know the answer to “why outsource franchise development”! Do you think outsourcing is the right choice for your company? Great! Now the question is who to outsource franchise development to? Click here to read our article Who to outsource franchise development to. Also, if you want to learn more about how to franchise a business, check out our article on that topic or reach out!