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Who needs a franchise sales process?

A clearly defined sales process provides that everyone involved; the prospect, the sales team, and the leadership team and, have a clear understanding of what to expect as they navigate the mutual evaluation process. Frankly, any company involved in franchise sales should have a franchise sales process that is well-documented and establishes roles and expectations from the outset.

What does a process entail?

Each Brand has its own needs, and each lead source needs to be met where they are to be properly nurtured through the mutual evaluation. However, allĀ  franchisorsĀ  will generally find their process to follow these steps:

  • Pre-Discovery/Qualification
  • Discovery/Program Review
  • Validation
  • Closing

Beyond Sales

A franchise development process is not just about selling franchises. A well constructed process guides both the development professional and the prospective candidate through a mutual evaluation, as efficiently as possible while insuring that all parties are fully informed. It provides multiple opportunities for a candidate to gracefully self-select out, so that, while our most important job is to not sell a franchise to individuals who do not align with our brand, most of the time the prospect gets to the “no thank you” phase without having to be outright rejected.

Getting To The Next Level

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