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Are you considering franchising your business? Are you already down the path? If you are not working with top franchise consultants, you may be putting yourself at risk. Franchising is an amazingly rewarding, but tricky business to get into. Reach out today and find out if folks at Franchise Beacon are the right franchise consultants for you!

“Their expertise contributed to our phenomenal growth rate. We’ve sold 30 franchise units and expect to open at least seven more this year.” Sanjay Gehani, CMO, Buildling Kidz

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Secure Funding For Your Franchisees

Small businesses live and die by their capital requirements; and franchisees are no different. Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to get start-up money, but almost impossible to get working capital for an existing franchise? If you franchisees need working capital, inventory financing, remodeling, or even tax liens or delinquent royalties, we can show you how to bring them a solution. With little or no risk to yourself, you can secure financing and pass it to your franchisees. We are the only franchise consulting company that offers this solution; true white-labeled funding from franchisor to franchisee.

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Franchise Development and Management Expertise

If you know it’s time to bring in outside help, or are even considering it, we should talk. Franchise Beacon offers a full-service, outsourced franchise sales and development solution, franchise management consulting, and cross border (U.S./Canada | Canada/U.S.) development with negotiated best rates for advertising, legal services, and technology.

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