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We know right now many people are visiting our site just for our article that seems to have gone a little viral about how to work from home in a post-COVID world. If you are here for just that, welcome and here you go: Our top-ten tips for working from home

What is a “Franchise Expert”, anyway? We define a franchise expert as someone who understands every facet of the franchising world; from the franchisor side, the franchisee side, the funding side, and regulatory and compliance. Here are some questions a franchise expert should be able to answer:

How do I become a franchisor? How much does it cost to franchise my business? How can I help my franchisees get growth funding?
What is a franchise feasibility? What is a good franchise sales strategy? What is a Strategic Plan?

How do you know if you are dealing with franchise experts? First, understand their background. Franchise Beacon is extremely proud of  Team Beacon, and I am sure you can see why! Next, make sure they have answers to the key questions above and others, and that those answers come from factual data backed by experience. Finally, what do others say about them?

Our clients experience real value from our services. This is one of the reasons why DesignRush, a company that analyzes and ranks consulting agencies, recognized Franchise Beacon as a top Consulting Firm. Similarly, Clutch.co aggregates real, verified, and in-depth client testimonials, and has ranked Beacon as one of the top 15 consulting companies in the world. Spend an hour or two working with us and you’ll understand why!

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Regardless of how far along you are down the franchising road, and irrespective of where you need help, you will certainly benefit from a conversation with out team. Of course you can always start by exploring the full breadth of our franchise startup, franchise sales, franchisor-assisted funding, and business consulting services, but be sure to book a call with us before you leave, or just grab your phone and connect with our President now.