Individualized Consulting Services

Not Everyone Needs Full-time Consulting Services

Franchise Beacon is one of the premier U.S. and Canadian full-service consulting companies. We offer complete services if you are considering franchising your business, offer best-in-class outsourced franchise sales, and are the subject-matter experts on franchisor funding and existing franchisee funding. Many of our clients, however, are not looking for full-service consulting. New businesses with an eye on franchising often want to make sure they have a solid foundation now for their franchised business in the future. If you are looking, either as a starting point or end point, for one-off franchise or business consulting services, you have come to the right place!

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the function of first establishing, and then fully documenting, the intended direction of your small business. A Strategic Plan

  • Identifies your Values, Mission, and Company Vision
  • Identifies short and medium-term goals
  • Gives a company a litmus test for success

Writing a Strategic Plan is not an innate skillset of a small business owner. It takes years of study to amass the knowledge required to correctly plan for both a route to success and potential risks. Learn more about creating a successful strategic plan here.

Feasibility Study

In Franchising, a Feasibility Study asks the tough questions of “is my business right for franchising” and “am I right for franchising”. Among other things, we consider

  • Franchise ROI Potential
  • Scalability
  • The Business Owner
  • Capital Availability
  • External Threats

If you are not ready to go to franchise market yet, but would just like to find out if it is a feasible market strategy for you, engaging our team in a feasibility study will help you determine if franchising should be a consideration in your future growth.

Franchisor Preparation Consulting Services

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company that offers this service. If you are in the process of opening your first or second location, with your eye on proof-of-concept for franchising, our Franchisor Preparation service will help you begin today to prepare for your future as a franchisor. You’ll have a team of executives and franchise professionals as trusted advisors from the incubation period. Learn more about how you can have pre-franchise consulting with our Franchisor Preparation Services here.

Franchisor Sales Consultation

We have a deep understanding of the sales process, and are recognized as the industry experts in this area. We often teach and train in this space, our President is a frequent contributor to and Franchise Update Magazine and  is the go-to expert from the International Professional’s Group on all things franchise sales. For companies that wish to develop an internal franchise sales team, or improve their existing team, we teach on the strategies of franchise sales, the correct way to document a franchise development process, who should be involved in the process, legal compliance during the sales process, and ethical franchise development, among other subjects.  Learn how we can help you  hone your franchise development process.

Our Team

Our executive team brings a uniquely diverse skillset to this process. Brian Birnbaum, our CEO, has spent much of his career in the C-suite of public and private companies, including being the or one of the founding members of 5 different organizations. Learn more about Brian here.
Michael Peterson, our President and one of the Beacon’s founding members, is considered one of the thought-leaders in franchising. He has been at the helm of several small businesses, has been instrumental in the launch of 10 different franchise organizations, and has assisted over 600 people in selecting a franchise. Learn more about Michael here.
Ariana Birnbaum, our Senior Consultant, has a deep background in corporate consulting, working with Bain & Company, to develop business strategies for Fortune 500 clients. With a degree in Economics from Harvard, a Law Degree from the University of Toronto, and an MBA in strategy and finance from University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Ariana brings extensive education and real-world experience to our consulting clients.
See more about Ariana and the rest of the Team Beacon here.

Starting at the right place

If you are considering franchising your business, or just need help with the strategy and direction of your small business, our part-time consulting and individual services can be the rock that you build your business on. Reach out today to discuss how we can help you get started right.