Having the Right Team From Day 1

Get the Right Guidance Now

If you are currently in the process of opening your first, second, or third location with the consideration of using these locations as proof of concept, we can help you begin to position yourself correctly for franchise market now.


If you are going through the opening process, this is a perfect time to begin your Operations Manual. Each step you take can be reviewed for efficiencies and documented as they happen, so you don’t have to try to look back and remember what you did, with whom, why, and what obstacles you encountered.

Cross-functional Training

Franchising is a separate business, but many franchisors are able to cross-train and utilize key personnel from their existing operations early on as a franchisor. If you are going to be hiring for a new location anyway, evaluating candidates with this in mind will guide you in making the right hiring decisions both for the location and the early days as a franchisor.

Lead Documentation

Many business owners begin investigating franchising because a customer or other individual expresses interest in a franchise arrangement. These early leads can be pivotal to brand launch. Selling the first one or two franchisees is always a challenge for any brand. Having those individuals tentatively identified prior to launching your franchise can advance change your growth trajectory by a year or more!
Engaging with potential franchise leads when you are not a franchisor is a fine legal line to walk. We can help you with this; making sure that you are staying in touch and keeping their interest while never crossing the legal line of offering them a franchise.

So Much More

Having a franchise executive advisor on team from the beginning is an invaluable asset. We do our best to be sensitive to the costs that you incur as you are scaling your business and try to position ourselves to be a fairly insignificant portion thereof. Depending on the complexity of your business and background of your team, we may be able to engage for as little as $500/month, though most relationships will be slightly more.