Are you wondering how to franchise a business?

If you have a successful business, you may think the next step is franchising. You may be right! Before you learn how to franchise a business, first you have to learn if franchising is right for you.  Once you have made the decision to franchise, you should consider the outsourcing option. Choosing the right franchise consultants is a key factor in your early decision making process, and can make the rest of the process go much more smooth.

Franchise Beacon knows how to franchise a business! We are a group of business people, all with current and past experience as franchisees, franchisors, and small business owners. Placing your trust in Franchise Beacon as your franchise consultant is a great first choice in your franchising process.

Franchise Beacon also offers many services to help out existing franchisors, franchisees, and small business owners, so make sure you check out all the services we offer.

If you want to learn more about what it takes to be a successful franchisor, then be sure to check out Franchise Beacon President Michael A. Peterson’s book. How and Why to Franchise Your Business

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For more information about how to franchise a business, check out these articles!


Five things to consider before franchising your business

Are you wondering how to franchise a business? Are you considering if becoming a franchisor is right for you? Then here are ten things you should consider!

1> Do you have a proven concept?

You are asking people to invest in your concept, so you better have proven it. If you have an “idea” you want to franchise, go prove it first. Do the business that you want to franchise, for at least a year, before you try to franchise it.

2>  Can your business model sustain a royalty?

Some businesses operate on low margins, and that’s ok! If you have a business that does $500K in revenue a year, and you bring 10% ($50,000) to the bottom line, and it doesn’t take up all your time, then a lot of people consider that a good business.

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Top ten Guerrilla Marketing tactics for retailers

You hear it all the time, “Guerrilla Marketing”. But what is it, really? Guerrilla marketing is non-traditional marketing strategies which are typically low cost, unconventional, and often are typically localized in scope. Guerrilla Marketing, in short, is the life-blood of small businesses. Through the proper application of an effective Guerrilla Marketing plan, every person within your local market (within 3-5 miles of your retail location) should know about your store, what differentiates you from your competition, and how to reach you.

There are as many ideas about Guerrilla Marketing as there are small business owners, and there are a lot of books on the subject, too (I  recommend Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson). Obviously, every idea isn’t good, and even good ideas don’t work in all businesses or all markets. These ideas should work in most if not all retail stores, however.

Sign Spinner

Sign spinners visually engage traffic as they pass by your store.

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 Outsourcing Franchise Development

part of knowing how to franchise a business is knowing how you are going to sell your franchise. The concept of outsourcing the franchise development function of a franchisor’s business is nothing new.  Historically many startup concepts, which often lack the necessary capital and infrastructure required to generate unit growth, reached out to franchise consultants to provide a professional level of franchise sales services.  Today, franchisors of all sizes often look outside to handle some or all aspects of their franchise sales process.  This has proven to be an attractive alternative because it frees up a franchisor’s time and resources to focus on the success of their franchisees.

Why Franchisors are Outsourcing Their Sales

To understand why outsourcing has become such a popular option, franchisors need only look internally at their current sales efforts.   Answer these questions, honestly and objectively:

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