People wondering how to franchise a businessFranchise validation is the key to successful franchisee recruitment.  Validation is even more important to a start-up franchise than it is to a mature franchise. When you have 100-200 locations or more open, and 2-3 franchisees that are unhappy, the impact is not nearly as damaging as if you only had 5-10 franchises open with 2-3 that were not happy with the system.  Furthermore, a start-up typically will not have any name recognition to lend it credibility; the only credibility is what comes from the franchise network.

The problem is measuring validation is a difficult process. You may think that this is as simple as talking to your support personnel and finding out what the key franchise complaints are, but unfortunately it’s just not that easy. You see, when some franchisees is talking to their franchisor, they often feel at a disadvantage and that they have to exaggerate problems to get help. Other franchisees may not want their franchisor to know they are struggling, or may not want to admit they need help, so they may sugar-coat things. Conversely, when some franchisees are talking to prospects, they may feel their ego is on the line and talk about how great they do, they may feel loyalty to the franchisor so put the best shine on things, or they may be concerned that the prospect might compete against them, so they might try to talk the prospect out of buying. Basically, often what your franchisees tell you and what they tell prospects is two different things.

With Franchise Beacon’s Franchisee Validation Service, you can find out what your franchisees are saying to actual prospects. We will call your franchisees as though we are considering buying your franchise. We will ask specific questions like

  • What was your total initial investment?
  • Have your sales and profits met your expectations?
  • Knowing what you know now, would you make the investment again?
  • Many others

Our typical validation call will consist of 5-10 questions, and we are on the phone with most franchisees between 10-30 minutes. We will make up to 3 calls per location, at varying days and times (including weekends), until we reach your franchisees.

This work is not farmed out. We do not hire a call center. No one will be making these calls that does not have an extensive background in both business ownership and franchising.

To learn more about how we can assist you in improving franchisee validation, please contact us.