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Franchisor-Assisted Funding

Improve Franchise Relationships

As franchisors, we understand that the relationship between a franchisor and their franchisees goes through cycles. One of the major drivers of these cycles is profitability. Profitability, in turn, is often directly impacted by availability to easy cash.
So, in short, a franchisor’s relationship with their franchisees is directly affected by the franchisee’s availability to access capital.

Enhance Growth Potential

Access to capital can significantly impact not just your franchisee’s growth potential, but also yours.

  • Have you ever turned down a single-unit franchisee for a second unit, knowing that they would do amazing but they just wouldn’t be able to secure funding?
  • Have you ever seen a franchise hit a growth wall and wished you had access to capital to help them?
  • Has it ever baffled you that a prospective franchisee with no experience can get funding, but a successful but new franchisee can’t?


We have too, and in fact decided it was time for that to change.

As franchisors, franchise consultants, and finance experts, our team was able to look at this through a unique lens and change that narrative. By bringing finance experts to the table, and guiding the process of designing franchise-specific funding options that could then be white labeled by franchisors, we provide you the tools to help your franchisees solve this problem.
So how do you provide funding for your franchisees, without putting yourself at great capital risk? Frankly, the answer until recently was that you can’t, and this was an area franchisors stayed out of.

Are you ready to bring funding to your franchisees?

What if you had the ability to provide the solution so your franchisees could grow unimpeded by a lack of capital? What if you brought the cash to the table that allowed your franchisees to realize their dreams? and what if, in the process, you eliminated several of your own challenges, increased your cashflow, and increased your growth curve?

If you would like to learn more about these programs, please feel free to explore:

Our different funding options

Specific ways a franchisee might use our capital options

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President Michael Peterson addressing the Franchisor-Assisted Funding Program

Franchisor assisted funding

A new Way to Make Franchisees Successful

As franchisors, franchise consultants, business owners, and finance experts, Franchise Beacon is uniquely situated in the marketplace. We understand the needs of business owners; franchisors and franchisees alike.
We have felt the frustration of seeing a franchisee ready to expand, hindered by the lack of available funding due to their early stage in business. We ourselves have felt the sting of being unable to make an opportunistic purchase of inventory or assets, because traditional lenders are just so slow.
So what type of programs spring out of this kind of a knowledge base? We encourage you to check out our free e-book, and also consider joining our mailing list to stay up-to-date as we continue to innovate in the industry.

Franchise Startup

Is it time to franchise? Are you already down the path, and getting lost? We help franchises launch, also! Be sure to explore how to franchise your business.

Do you need help in franchise sales?

Franchise Beacon offers a full-service outsourced franchise sales and development solution. Explore the Franchise Sales & Development section of our website!