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  • Government Shut Down Affects Business Lending
    In the United States, many loans are in some way government backed or guaranteed. Small businesses receive SBA guaranteed start-up and working capital loans, service members receive VA backed home loans, and teachers receive down-payment assistance through the Teacher Next Door program. The fact is the government is in the lending business. Franchisee Funding Affected… Read more: Government Shut Down Affects Business Lending
  • Asset-Based Lending, an alternative to bank loans
    Where Did This Money Come From? When you first start looking for funding as a small business owner, the lack of options can surprising. After all, when you first opened your business, especially if it was a franchise, you probably had lenders ready to hand you funds at the drop of a hat. Then, you… Read more: Asset-Based Lending, an alternative to bank loans
  • Funding the B2B Space
    The B2B franchise space has a tendency to be high margin, attract top-notch franchisees with strong sales and/or executive backgrounds, and enjoys a long history of success. Of course, as a franchisor in this space, you already know that. You also know the other side of the coin; that a service-based B2B franchisee can quickly… Read more: Funding the B2B Space