Funding the B2B Space

Business to Business FundingThe B2B franchise space has a tendency to be high margin, attract top-notch franchisees with strong sales and/or executive backgrounds, and enjoys a long history of success. Of course, as a franchisor in this space, you already know that. You also know the other side of the coin; that a service-based B2B franchisee can quickly get bogged down with receivables. What’s more, the more successful the franchisee is in the early days, the more they get tied to their AR, hampered by cash-flow, spending time on collections instead of selling, and likely becoming discouraged because their success is breeding frustrations instead of profits.

Sound familiar? Do you feel like you should bring a solution to your franchisees, but not sure what that solution is? Perhaps we can help!

Because we come from both the franchising and funding world, we both understand the frustration and understand the solution.

With the solution we bring to the table, we arrange for the funding, but it comes from you. By using a white-label product it is you, the franchisor, who is bringing the solution. You are the one that is allowing your franchisees to grow instead of being shackled to AR. You are the one getting your franchisee past that growth wall and into the next stage of their business.

As a serendipitous benefit, all AR funds now run through you, to your franchisee, allowing you the chance to take your royalties, ad funds, and other fees prior to passing the remaining through. So not only are you eliminating a headache for your franchisees, you are eliminating one of the biggest headaches for franchisors!


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