Franchise Recruitment Manual

That Which is Documented is Done

A franchise sales process is valuable, but only if it is consistently followed by all individuals involved in the process. A good sales process:
  • Clearly communicates to a prospect what is expected of them, and what they can expect from you, and when
  • Allows for both sides of the evaluation process to quickly determine if they are a good fit for each other
  • Has multiple types of engagement, takes into account various lead sources, and allows for different learning styles
  • Allows franchise executives to train individual sales staff based on their individual needs
  Our Franchise Recruitment Manual service provides you with all of these tools. Working with core members of your staff, we develop a strategy that is individualized to your brand promise, growth plan, and industry-specific needs yet is built around industry best practices. When finished, you will have a recruitment manual that details every step along the path from initial contact to signing a franchise agreement. This is the table of contents from a recruitment manual we recently completed:
Franchise Sales Process Table of Contents

Who is This For?

Our Franchise Recruitment Manual preparation service is ideal for franchisors that have a skilled franchise sales person or staff, and just lack the documented processes and procedures needed to bring their team to the highest efficiency. The Recruitment Manual is also a good choice for a franchisor who is going through our Franchise Sales Training program or utilizing our recruitment budget service.

The Process

We will meet with assigned personnel on your team to understand your current process, technology implantation, goals, and shortfalls. We will prepare an outline of a recruitment process and manual, and then discuss this with you, finally you will receive a first draft of the manual for discussion and revisions and then a completed Franchise Recruitment Manual.