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Our top-ten tips for working from home

Author Michael Peterson

This was co-written with Mike Drumm, franchise attorney and founder of Drumm Law. Mike has been running a virtual company with many employees for 10 years, I have for 8. We wanted to raise our voices and see if we could help those of you that find yourself in a novel situation. We are facing [...]

Who Should Be Involved in the Franchise Sales Process

Franchisor sales Process

This is another in my series of articles for, and was originally published there on October 15th, 2019. I wrote The Ultimate Guide to Franchise Sales about a year ago. It covers, at a high level, the entire franchise sales process. This is the third in a series of articles that will cover several […]

How To Be Ridiculously Productive by Implementing Tech in Your Sales Process

Author Michael Peterson

This article about using technology in the franchise sales process was originally posted at as the second of a series of articles deep-diving into the franchise sales process. They didn't get the cool picture of Michael in his tech space through!  You can see the first article, Nurturing Franchise Leads, here. I wrote The [...]

Nurturing franchise leads based on lead source

franchise sales leads

Franchise leads; Meeting People Where They Are This article was originally written for and published by Franchise Update Media, and can be seen on here I wrote The Ultimate Guide to Franchise Sales about a year ago. It covers, at a high level, the entire franchise sales process. Because of its breadth, it couldn’t […]

Working with Franchise Brokers and Coaches


Why working with franchise brokers makes sense I went to the  Franchise Broker’s Association Annual Convention some time ago. Afterwards, I was in the Houston United Club on a layover, and I had a call with one of my franchisor clients. He was shocked to learn that we were working with franchise brokers. “They are […]

Validation, the Key to Successful Franchisee Recruitment

Franchisee Validation

franchisee Recruitment Validation is something you should be thinking about even if you are just now considering how to franchise a business. You might think that you are responsible for selling your franchise, or that you employ the people responsible for selling your franchise, but that is simply not true. The people that impact your […]