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Franchisor Benefits

Obviously, there are many reasons why a franchisor would want its  franchisees to be well-funded. The fact is, the franchisor is the end beneficiary of a strong, robust franchise system. Here are just some of the benefits  you, as a franchisor, can experience using the Franchisor-Assisted Funding Program:

  1. Improved Franchisee Validation and Satisfaction

By providing funding solutions, franchisees will feel that you are more supportive of their business needs. Assuming they are able to leverage funds for overall business growth, they will also be more profitable.

  1. Collect Royalties Automatically

For B2B franchisors who take advantage of one of our A.R. based funding models, we can collect royalties on your behalf.\

  1. Including a Finance Package as Part of Item 10

Most franchisors don’t have an Item 10 financing program. Differentiate yourself.

  1. Providing a Preapproved Line of Credit to Franchisees

When franchisees need capital rapidly, having most of the work already done allows for lightning fast turnaround.

  1. Improved Franchisor/Franchisee Relations

Notwithstanding validation or satisfaction, unhappy franchisees are simply a huge resource drain.

  1. Increased Royalties

Franchisees who have funds available to allow them can purchase seasonable merchandise, special buys and discounted specials, leading to increased sales.

  1. Expansion Funds

More retail space, warehouse space, or table space should again lead to increased profitability and royalties.

  1. Provide Funds to Your Franchisees to Buy Additional Territories (certain circumstances)

For brands with lower-cost expansion, our funding solutions may allow franchisees to expand their footprint.

  1. Let Your Franchisees Concentrate on Their Business

In a business to business environment, through our accounts receivable funding program, not only can we provide up to 100% funding at the time of sale the complete aspect of the administration of the accounts receivable are outsourced to us and the franchisee no longer has to concern themselves with credit approval, posting and collections.

  1. Brand Standard Expenses

Providing a line of credit help to facilitate franchisee renovations in accordance with new standards.

President Michael Peterson addressing the Franchisor-Assisted Funding Program

Franchisor assisted funding

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We have felt the frustration of seeing a franchisee ready to expand, hindered by the lack of available funding due to their early stage in business. We ourselves have felt the sting of being unable to make an opportunistic purchase of inventory or assets, because traditional lenders are just so slow.
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