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Government Shut Down Affects Business Lending

Government Shut Down Affects Business Lending

In the United States, many loans are in some way government backed or guaranteed. Small businesses receive SBA guaranteed start-up and working capital loans, service members receive VA backed home loans, and teachers receive down-payment assistance through the Teacher Next Door program. The fact is the government is in the lending business. Franchisee Funding Affected […]

Asset-Based Lending, an alternative to bank loans

Asset-Based Lending

Where Did This Money Come From? When you first start looking for funding as a small business owner, the lack of options can surprising. After all, when you first opened your business, especially if it was a franchise, you probably had lenders ready to hand you funds at the drop of a hat. Then, you […]

Funding the B2B Space

Business to Business Funding

The B2B franchise space has a tendency to be high margin, attract top-notch franchisees with strong sales and/or executive backgrounds, and enjoys a long history of success. Of course, as a franchisor in this space, you already know that. You also know the other side of the coin; that a service-based B2B franchisee can quickly […]