Why Chose Team Beacon

This is Your Team

There are many franchise brokers, coaches, and consultants eager to help you engage in the next step of your life. Some of them how little to know background in franchising, and we are not going to contrast ourselves against those folks; we think you can evaluate that fairly easily on your own. Many franchise coaches, however, are well-qualified individuals with strong track records of success. When you are deciding on who you will engage with on a professional level, why should Franchise Beacon be at the top of your list?

A Full Team

Most coaches and brokers, even those that belong to the largest of the franchise broker networks, are individuals or, on occasion, a two-person partnership. Franchise Beacon is a team of franchise professionals, all with significant franchising background, and every client gets the benefit of the full Beacon bench.

Unique Qualifications

It is likely that there is not a single organization in the country that has the unique combined skills that Franchise Beacon does.

Our CEO has over 50 years’ experience in trade finance, and 20 years at the helm of a multi-national franchisor, which he co-founded. Additionally, he been in the hotel business, hospitality business, sat on the board of numerous private and several public companies, and lectured and McGill University.
Our President has been a multi-unit brick and mortar business owner, a franchisee, the Chief Administrative Officer of a multi-national franchisor, helped launch 10 brands into the franchise space, and been involved with the placement of close to 1000 franchisees. He is considered a thought leader in the industry, trains franchisors, franchisees, and franchise brokers frequently of the nuances of the business and is a best-selling author in the franchise space.

Our team also includes:

William Wright, an experienced franchise broker who has worked as a business Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce;

Dr. Seth Lederman, who grew his own private Chiropractic organization to 9 units spanning two states, has appeared on three Amazon Best Seller lists, and is a certified Franchise Immigration Specialist;

Ariana Birnbaum, who worked with Bain & Co, one of the leading consulting firms in the world, assisting Fortune 500 clients in their growth strategies. Ariana also holds a Degree in Economics from Harvard, a law degree from the University of Toronto, and an MBA for the University of Chicago School of Business;

Paula Hope, one of the leading experts in North America on referral marketing and strategic networking, who specializes in training business professionals on using leveraging their personal strengths and relationships into revenue-producing networks. In addition to a Master of Arts from Trent University, she is also certified in Adult Education, Marketing Management, and Large Account Management.

Does that sound like the team you want at your back? If so, find out more about what we offer, the steps to evaluating a franchisor, or just reach and lets chat!

Are you considering purchasing a franchise? Not sure where to start on evaluating a franchisor and selecting the right franchise for you?