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Each section of our website has its own blog. This is where we will post general knowledge for franchisors, both emerging and established. Like our franchisor consulting services, this blog will over a wide range of topics of interest to those in the franchise space.

The Franchisor-franchisee relationship


The Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship If you are considering franchising your company, one of the things you may not have spent time thinking about is the franchisee-franchisor relationship. If that is true, I encourage you to stop right now, however far along you are in franchising your business, and dig into this pivotal part of franchising. In […]

Our top-ten tips for working from home

Author Michael Peterson

This was co-written with Mike Drumm, franchise attorney and founder of Drumm Law. Mike has been running a virtual company with many employees for 10 years, I have for 8. We wanted to raise our voices and see if we could help those of you that find yourself in a novel situation. We are facing [...]

10 Steps to Becoming a Franchisor


The 10 Steps to Becoming a Franchisor Determine if your business is one that can be franchised Conduct a feasibility study to evaluate scalability, national demand, and profit for franchisees. Make sure you have the time and money Be prepared to take a step back from your current business, and anticipate an investment of between [...]

Validation, the Key to Successful Franchisee Recruitment

Franchisee Validation

franchisee Recruitment Validation is something you should be thinking about even if you are just now considering how to franchise a business. You might think that you are responsible for selling your franchise, or that you employ the people responsible for selling your franchise, but that is simply not true. The people that impact your […]