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  • Where Do I Find FDD’s Anyway?
    FDDs, FDDS, everywhere FDDs and nary a document to read. Wondering where to get free franchise disclosure documents?
  • ECE is the place to be in 2021
    I can’t think of a better time to evaluate a franchisor in the restaurant space. The Covid-19 pandemic forced franchisors in all spaces to showcase their ability to execute in all areas of leadership.
  • Building a successful pet grooming franchise
    This article was featured in Franchise Connect Magazine, Issue 11. Franchise Beacon President Michael Peterson shares how to find your authentic selling voice.
  • Our top-ten tips for working from home
    This was co-written with Mike Drumm, franchise attorney and founder of Drumm Law. Mike has been running a virtual company with many employees for 10 years, I have for 8. We wanted to raise our voices and see if we could help those of you that find yourself in a novel situation. We are facing […]
  • 10 Steps to Becoming a Franchisor