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  • Our top-ten tips for working from home
    This was co-written with Mike Drumm, franchise attorney and founder of Drumm Law. Mike has been running a virtual company with many employees for 10 years, I have for 8. We wanted to raise our voices and see if we could help those of you that find yourself in a novel situation. We are facing […]
  • 10 Steps to Becoming a Franchisor
    The 10 Steps to Becoming a Franchisor Determine if your business is one that can be franchised Conduct a feasibility study to evaluate scalability, national demand, and profit for franchisees. Make sure you have the time and money Be prepared to take a step back from your current business, and anticipate an investment of between […]
  • The top 5 reasons for franchise failure
    What are the top 5 reasons for franchise failure? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some people even list the “coattail affect” as a reason that a perfectly sound franchise might go belly-up. The fact is, there are almost as many reasons for small business success or failure as there are small businesses. Some […]
  • Sanjay Gehani; Tech Background Leads to Leading a Preschool Franchise
    The Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Building Kidz Preschool Franchise parlayed his high-tech career into creating a high-touch franchise brand. I recently had the privilege of attending the first annual Building Kidz Preschool franchise convention in Foster City, CA. I sat down with Building Kidz Co-founder and CMO (and Foster City Councilman) Sanjay Gehani. […]
  • Who Are the Best Franchise Consultants?
    What Does It Take To Be The Best Franchise Consultant? Franchise Beacon is an analytically driven company. At the end of the day, franchise sales is nothing but math. If you’ve read the book How and Why to Franchise Your Business, you know that our philosophy is that you can move the needle somewhat through […]